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by James T. Downey   

The year is 2052, and the human race is still struggling to recover from a massive pandemic flu some 40 years previously.  When an independent prospector on Saturnís moon Titan discovers an alien artifact, assumptions that we are alone in the universe are called into question.  Knowing that news of such a discovery could prompt chaos on Earth, a small team is sent to investigate and hopefully manage the situation.  What they find is that there's more to human history, and human abilities, than any of them ever imagined.  And that they will need all those insights, and all those abilities, to face the greatest threat yet to human survival.

Welcome to Communion of Dreams.  You'll probably find that it is closest in flavor to the works of Arthur C. Clarke and the late Carl Sagan, two authors from whom I draw inspiration.  Others have compared it favorably to the work of David Brin or Kim Stanley Robinson.  At a surface level it is classic science fiction, in that a new discovery leads to a re-evaluation of what it means to be human.  Beyond that are levels of human psychological development and religious allegory, giving the text a depth which will appeal to a wide range of readers.  Or so I hope.  To date more than 35,000 people have downloaded the Kindle edition of the book, and previously a similar number downloaded the original .pdf version of the book.

Communion of Dreams is available in Kindle format and as a paperback through Amazon.  Please note:  I make the novel available for free download on the first of each month, so that anyone who cannot afford the cost of it or who is unsure if they will like it can still enjoy it. But I ask that if you get the book for free, please *do* leave a review of it. And if you get it, and like it, and can afford it, please give a paid copy to someone else as a gift. That way it benefits both of us.

If you would like a signed copy, those are also available.  In addition, there are a limited number of hand-bound Special Edition bindings available for collectors.  As a private book conservator and book artist with 30 years experience, I have created these myself.  Full information is available in the link on the right.

The prequel to Communion of Dreams is now available.  It is titled St Cybi's Well, and full information about it can be found here.  If you've not read either book, I would suggest starting with that, though they can be read in either order.  But regardless, I hope you enjoy Communion of Dreams.

Awful Cover, AMAZING Book
Okay, I'm guilty.  I nearly judged this book by its cover, but the premise of an alien artifact being discovered convinced me to give it a try.  Imagine my delight when it also unexpectedly began taking accurate and well-described metaphysical twists I hadn't known it contained! I love stumbling across "sleeper" hits!
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